Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Circus Boy Complete Series on Dvd

Circus Boy

Complete 1956 - 1958 T.V. Series

49 Episodes on 10 DVD's

Circus Boy was a primetime series that ran from 1956-1958 and starred

future Monkee "Mickey Dolenz" as Corky. After his parents "The Flying Falcons" are

killed in a tragic high wire accident, young Corky is adopted by his Uncle, Joy the Clown

and his whole circus family. Young Corky finds his place as water boy to "Bimbo" the elephant.

Corky rode his baby elephant Bimbo, dealt with his adolescent problems, and helped the adults

with the circus as the show moved from town to town each week.

Circus Boy Complete Series on Dvd

$49.99 @ click here!

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